Bini Bronze—dem be ogbonge show of di kain artistic sense wey Bini Artists dem get during di 13th reach 19th century. As e be, we no sabi di name of di Artists wey make di Bronzes, but we sabi say na Oba of Bini pay dem to create Bini Bronzes wit different different kain materials. Those olden days artist dem finish work for di Bronzes. Dem design di Bini Bronzes to carry spiritual meaning, wey pass ordinary eye. Some Bronzes dem design for Oba of Bini to use am invoke e ancestors or tok wit di Gods. Oda ones dem design to represent motor wey Oba of Bini fit use travel go anoda world. Or e go fit look like foto wey Oba of Bini go use remember e ancestors. Even sef, e get some Bini Bronze wey you go fit read as stories about Bini history, and plenty oda tins join join.

But, kasala burst for dia history. E happun for 1897, wen di British empire bring dia kolonial soja con cause wahala for Benin Kingdom sake of say dem wan control di plenty natural resources wey dey Bini. Dem especially wan collect our palm oil by force by fire, carry go sell for Europe where dey go make plenty profit. Why dem dey craze for our palm oil so? For dat time, Oyibo pipo con see say machine fit helep human being do handwork shaperly. Instead of to dey use hand dey make tins one by one, dem con build plenty factory wit machines wey fit do di handwork (Dat time na wetin historians dey call Industrial Revolution). Na so Oyibo pipo con see say, for machine to do work sharp-sharp, dey go need plenty palm oil to oil di engine of di machine wey go make di factory product, and dey go also use palm oil as ingedient inside factory products like: soap, candle, margarine, body cream. As British pipo dey tink say "God don buta dia bread", Oba of Benin say e no gree O! Oba say make Oyibo no con trade anyhow for inside Bini, make dem dey pay tax, and say di market no go dey open everi day. Dis one con make British pipo vex wella-wella.

Na so British goment send dia soja to scata evritin for Benin. Dem burn Oba Ovonramwen palace, carry Oba Ovonramwen by force go Calabar, and tif pass 4,000 Bini Bronzes wey dey inside Oba Ovonramwen palace, shrines and oda places. Di sojas con carry di tif tif property go England, con sell to Oyinbo museum pipo as tins wey dem bring from di journey wey cause sufa sufa for we pipo. As e dey now, more than 160 museums all ova di world don buy Bini Bronze, but di main Oyibo museum wey get dis tif-tif property dey for Europe and North America. Dis museums dem get different different kain of Benin Bronze: spoon, key, cup, pin, pot, handfan, ring, stool, bracelet, necklace, chair, bag, wrappa, even one bead! Even tins wey don break break, spoil finish, dem tif.



Me, I just dey reason how di British wahala for 1897 scata di fine work wey our Bini artists dem dey do. Di reason why I dey tink am be say, na Oba Ovonramwen dey spoil Bini artists, dey give dem money, house and evri evri so dem fit create beta works for am. And na Oba dey control tins o, e no dey gree make dem show their talent for outside. So, wetin go happun when dia Oga on di top no dey again? How dem go see food chop? I hear say plenty of di artists dem waka from Bini, go oda villages wia dem start to dey farm, dey hustle.

But one question dey choke me: as dem turn farmers, shey dem still dey follow their art talent? Na im I go library to see if I fit find foto of any kind tin wey dem create during di time Oba no dey Benin. I find di tins am tire.

Di more I dey tink, di more e dey pepper me. British pipo dem record so many tins for Bini for dat time, but why e be say, dem no take foto of artwork wey dey Bini?

How we wan take know di true-true tori?

Na so I say, I wan know how dis 1897 kata kata affect one pesin for Bini. Di pesin name na "Iyoba Idia", wey be Oba Esigie mama. As my pipo tok am, Iyoba na warrior wey use im spiritual and political wayo to make sure say Oba Esigie stand gidigba. As Oba Esigie dey flex, e con tell Idia make she design Okuku hairstyle wey resemble im own, and say, make nobody else try am. Idia come do am, make e resemble Okuku mouth.

I dey tink about how di British wahala for 1897 scata Iyoba palace, so tay dem tell Iyoba make she no dey wear Okuku hairstyle because dem tok say she no be Iyoba for dem eye.

I dey tink about all di women wey dey make di Okuku for Iyoba.

I dey tink about all di artists wey helep make sure say dem knack Okuku hairstyle for Bini Bronze bifor British pipo land Bini.

Wetin happun to dem wen British tok say Iyoba no be warrior again? Wetin dem do wen dia madam no dey?

E possible say all of dem start to dey make Iyoba hairstyle for man pikin? Wen Oba alreadi tok say make dem no do am?

Dem make di Okuku?

If dem do am, wetin e look like?

Na why I tok say, make I start one project wey I dey call Igùn. For Bini, dem dey call craftmen wey dey make bronze, "Igùn". And, for Bini sef, area dey wey dem call Igún street. Di tin wey I dey do wit Igùn be say, I dey use technology wey dem call Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) to make feem and foto wey British pipo no care to record or show my pipo.

Wetin Artificial Intelligence (AI) be? Di wey I take undastand am: e dey behave like computa wey get sense. E fit make foto wey go make you reason if na pesin do am, abi na computa. How e dey work? No be Bini juju oh! Na Ogbonge engineers dey show am many foto wey human bin don make bifor. Dem dey call dis kain foto "data". And, dis data dey dey get am for internet. From Instagram oh. Facebook oh. Different Different kain website. And, di data wey di Engineers dey use no bi shikini one oh. E dey plenti, up to billions. As di AI dey look dis data, e dey understand di different different kain style wey dey inside di foto. Weda di foto na blue color. Weda e get mama or pikin. Weda di mama and pikin dey inside bus. Weda dey dey chop puff puff for di bus. Weda di bus get conductor. E dey undastand everi everi for inside di billions of foto. Afta e finish di lookri, e go com use di ideas wey e see, make im own foto wey go be like say na beta fotographer snap am.

Na im I say, make I kuku ma use dis AI, com make Bini Bronze wey I no fit find. How dat wan com take solve di real problem? E no go solve am O! And, me, I no get money to look for di Bini Bronze wey don loss. My concern be say, I wan remind my pipo say, di tins wey we no dey take eye see, wey book pipo no care about, or wey dem book pipo say no dey important, na di tins wey we go forget. And, me I no wan forget say sometin happen after dat 1897 kata kata.